Oi Use Us!

Welcome to the Online Interactive Research website, here you will find out about us and what makes Oi Research click with its clients, partners and respondents.

We regard ourselves as an agile and adaptive market research and sample selection business built from "21st Century DNA" and Oi Use Us! sets out to explain just some of the reasons why.

At Oi Research we deliver advantage by being versatile in our approach to all project commissions and agile in our response to client needs. We achieve this by implementing processes that deliver superior quality customer service, intelligent market research solutions, and harnessing the full benefits of advancements in online technologies. The initial lead always comes from our clients’ instructions and specifications however, in each instance "We get inside your research to make sure you get the best results out".

We believe all these qualities to be worth shouting about and in our own space we feel we really should do so at least once so: Oi Use Us! That indulgence out of the way, let us now set about explaining our guiding principles, core values and ethos in greater detail, and hopefully in the process unearth something within our approach to research, or sample acquisition, that may inspire you to give us a shout!

  • We work with trusted partners who trust their partners. Achieving high service standards and good quality results requires experienced hands. Ours are not only experienced but exceedingly safe.

  • We believe best practice is developed from lots of practice. We've been at this for quite a long time and still think practice makes perfect.

  • We offer superior quality customer service provided by people who don't think they are superior. Delivering a responsive and efficient service is our mission; however we are not so single minded that we forget to be approachable.

  • We treat the confidences of clients without "confidentially speaking". We work with confidential information and believe we should keep it that way.

  • We deliver exceptional project management to people who require exceptional people management. We never lose sight of the fact research is a people business – involving the collaboration and co-operation of clients, partners and respondents - and that successful research is always much more than a simple data gathering exercise.

As firm believers in the fact that successful well structured business is about building relationships, absolute discretion, and developing client confidence in the quality and precision of our work - as their names and inputs will be ultimately put to all our outputs - we encourage client feedback and questions. In the Ins & Outs section, which doubles as our 'about us' page, we offer further insight into our approach (i.e. 'Outside:In') and techniques and answer the questions posed by clients that they were happy for us to put in the public domain.

To find out more about our service offering go to the Research Services tab and to understand what differentiates our high performance sample selection and acquisition service, navigate to the Universal Sample Solutions page. We would like your final destination to be our Oi Contacts page and welcome questions and the opportunity to discuss your business needs.

Oi Research, a trading name of Online Interactive Research Limited, can be contacted on 01753 887 248 or by using the email response form within Oi Contacts.

We deliver advantage by being flexible in our approach and adaptive in our response to client needs. We take our lead from our clients specifications for each project, but whatever its size or intensity; "We get inside your research to make sure you get the best results out".


Use Us!