Research Services

Research Strategies and Value Proposition

Oi Research is an adaptive and agile research business that provides original and intelligent online market Research solutions.

Whatever your market research objectives we can help you select a solution that in terms of sample integrity, questionnaire development, engagement and creativity, survey logistics and management and results delivers your project requirements.

Our mission is to add value throughout the whole process; but consider our greatest contribution to be the pro-active appraisal of the style and type of inputs that we receive. This evaluation helps ensure that the outputs delivered match the type and style of results that our clients wish to achieve.

Online Interactive Research (Oi Research) is a member of ESOMAR and the Independent Consultants Group.

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Full Service

We can manage your research project from end to end. Using our in-house expertise, blended with that of carefully selected professional partners, we are able to provide a full service solution for almost any quantitative research project. We are client responsive and tailor our offering around the efficiencies, effectiveness and integrity that our clients projects require.

Sample Services

Our unique branded approach to market research sample selection and acquisition is Universal Sample Solutions.

  • We specialise in the supply of relevant, robust and reliable respondents for consumer research locally, regionally and globally
  • We are experts in the search, selection and acquisition of hard-to-find and niche samples worldwide

Questionnaire Services

Questionnaire Design:

  • The most important attribute of any survey is that it is "fit-for-purpose", and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their research objectives are met and the project delivers the required rigour.
  • In collaboration with our specialist partners we are able to help you develop the ideal questionnaire for your project.

Creative Survey Design:

  • We use a high end intelligent media survey system which is versatile and robust.
  • This system offers our clients an enormous choice of question types which is why we are confident we can find the most appropriate style to suit any responder profile, market sector or project.
  • Our surveying systems combine technological capability with creativity to deliver questions styles that have the ability to successfully probe customer experience, satisfaction and appreciation measures and emotional connection.
  • In addition to allowing our clients access to question types and styles of unparalleled sensitivity, our clients are able to integrate sonic and visual (i.e. pictures, video) elements into their surveys.

Survey Development:

  • We specialise in developing surveys that deliver unity of design and logic. Our surveys therefore incorporate creative question styles that engage, scripting that ensures all questions flow accurately from point-to-point, and recommend questionnaires populated with questions that are precisely worded and easily understood by potential respondents.

Project Management

Project Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • When the research project is in the field we monitor its progress to ensure it delivers the right number and correct composition (i.e. Demographic, regionality, behaviour) of respondents
  • We manage the research process from sign-off of the questionnaire through to the seamless delivery of the data. This allows you to free-up scarce, usually highly experienced, resource which can add value to other aspects of the project or company.
  • 'Outside:In' is our fully comprehensive service where we manage the research from end-to-end and immerse ourselves in the project to ensure all end points are achieved on behalf of our clients. This service can be adapted to accommodate regular scripting and hosting commissions, or sample acquisition via Universal Sample Solutions.
  • We are experienced in a wide variety of sectors and markets and through sophisticated systems and partnerships can manage projects on a global basis.

Reporting and Evaluation:

  • We can provide your results in a wide variety of formats and reporting styles. Pricing is transparent and directly correlates to the sophistication of the format and depth required.
  • We work with analysts and experts in the fields of insight, evaluation and statistics and can provide you with a quote based on the type of research appraisal that you require.

Online Interactive Research (Oi Research) is an adaptive and agile research business built from 21st Century DNA. We provide Original and Intelligent Market Research solutions and Integrated, Immersive, Intermediation for all research project sample purchases.