Universal Sample Solutions

Universal Sample Solutions is our enterprising market research sample search, evaluation and acquisition service.

We provide local, regional, and world samples that offer you scale, accessibility and speed of delivery. We achieve this by monitoring the performance of a large number of research sample suppliers against a series of key criteria and metrics.

The Key Performers Indicators (KPI's) we use to select our partners are built using a wide variety of factors, though we do give extra weight to a company's active panel size, market penetration, recruitment methods, rewards schemes, responder rates, panel maintenance, and corporate reputation. These performance measures are applied universally with even smaller suppliers worldwide, which we ourselves have pro-actively identified and who specialised in recruiting discreet or difficult to reach audiences, being subject to the same level of scrutiny as their larger competitors.

Oi Research's market knowledge, research heritage and selection and acquisition experience, means that we are able to identify and quantify the reliability, integrity and intrinsic value of any sample offered by a provider. Our understanding of the issues that can affect performance ensures that we deliver respondents that meet, and hopefully exceed, the Key Success Factors (KSF's) of our clients research projects.

We see the real value of what we add to our clients projects flowing from three distinct sources: Quality, Time and Resources saved, and Benefit and Value Delivered.

  1. Quality.

    Our objectivity replaces the subjectivity that naturally develops with the constraints of panel ownership. This professional detachment allows us to provide impartial assessments of sample quality, suitability and viability. It also allows us to appraise new techniques such as sample 'bundling' or 'aggregation' and to assess their true impact on quality and responder profiles.

  2. Time.

    Locating and acquiring the requisite sample for research studies requiring rigour can often be a very labour intensive activity. Because it is the first, and often most essential, building block of a project, senior researchers are often diverted from specialist research activities to manage the search and acquisition process. This is clearly a drain on a service businesses most scarce resources, people and time; with the situation being even more acute within those agencies or clients who won't risk placing the sample selection process in inexperienced hands.

    Oi Research can take over part or the whole of the sample selection and acquisition process, working as close to the organisation as required. Our near seamless 'Outside:In' approach allows us to understand your business and project objectives and extract maximum value, based on your criteria, from the sample acquisition process. Our Research support positioning also means we have the capabilities to provide hosting, scripting and monitoring services; in fact almost everything you will need to deliver qualified, robust and reliable respondents to your study.
  3. Value.

    By being continually active in the market we have an excellent understanding of the markets dynamics and its cost drivers. We aim to match or improve on your current prices. Where maximum discount has already been extracted we will deliver added value, still working within your original budget, by applying our key service matrix of time saved, quality of respondent and response and cost efficiency.

    We have acquired research samples for clients based on demographics, geography (global reach), social demographics, job codes and professional status, attitudes and behaviour and intelligent segmentation solutions so we are quite hard to faze. The solutions we deliver are always guided by our key performance factors: integrity of sample (Quality), resources saved (Time) and benefits added (Value), so we would welcome the opportunity to show you how our approach can benefit your current project and future business.

Universal Sample Solutions is our enterprising sample search, evaluation and acquisition service. We provide local, regional, and world samples that offer you scale, accessibility and speed of delivery, even for hard-to-find and niche samples.